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Nautilus-Hyosung Monimax 5100T Outdoor ATM cash dispensing machine

A dependable outdoor ATM cash dispensing machine for in wall installations

Nautilus-Hyosung manufactures outdoor ATM products for banks and financial institutions. The Monimax 5100T is an affordable bank style machine made for any business requiring an in wall installation. It can be installed as a walkup configuration or as a drive-through, maximizing the potential of the Monimax 5100T. Nautilus-Hyosung offers the buyer a solid weatherized quality built ATM with durable construction. Its compact design allows a greater range of in wall, or ATM kiosk mounting.

The Monimax 5100T is equipped with A UL291 business hours vault with a quality standard mechanical safe lock. An electronic lock is an upgrade option.
The ATM is made with a heavy duty metal surround. The mounting pedestal and retaining framed brackets provide a stable secure mounting for in wall or ATM kiosk installations. The cash dispenser unit holds 2000 notes.

The Monimax 5100T receipt printer is a 3.1" graphical thermal receipt printer. You can choose the optional service panel which allows configuration, cash machine diagnostics and
ATM maintenance from the rear of the cash machine. 10.4" color TFT LCD monitor screen has a sun viewable option monitor available that may be useful in full sun situations.

Height: 59.4"
Width: 23.6"
Depth: 32.6"
Weight: 441 lbs.

The Nautilus-Hyosung Monimax 5100T is a proven ATM workhorse that we recommend for in wall installations.

Monimax 5100T ATM for outdoor use

10.4" color TFT LCD
(option: sun-viewable)

4 x 2 function keys
4 x 4 numeric keys
(Encrypting PIN pad) ADA compliant
Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP)
Triple DES compliant

Printer 3.1" graphical thermal receipt printer

2,000-note cassette Up to four cassettes Note-by-note rejection

Intel® Pentium®-IV processor Microsoft® Windows XP® platform

Card Reader Dip-type card reader

Security UL 291 Business hours vault with standard mechanical lock
Optional: UL291 Level 1 KABA Mas Cencon safe lock electronic safe lock key-combo safe lock

Voice guidance system

Communication TCP/IP or Dial-up
Voice Guidance Voice Guidance System


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