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Who is OutdoorATM.com?

OutdoorATM.com is now a division of S & T Enterprise Group Inc.

OutdoorATM.com came about a few years ago when manufacturers began making affordable ATM’s for outdoor use. Our original website for ATM sales did not cover outdoor ATM’s and some manufacturers could not be added to that format of machines. OutdoorATM.com began selling those outdoor ATM’s and others as they became available. We no longer sell the ATM that inspired us to start this website, but as time goes on, outdoor ATM’s are getting better and even more affordable.

IndoorATM.com and OutdoorATM.com domains were both acquired in 2009 by S & T Enterprise Group Inc.

Corporate sales office and mailing address: Las Vegas, NV

Midwest support services: Cape Girardeau, MO


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